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Rope Classifications

Skills - Seven recommended knots

Figure 8 on a bight
Clove Hitch
Figure 8 follow thru
Beckett Bend or Sheet Bend
Water Knot
Half Hitch (used in conjuction with other knots

Knot Illustrations and Resources

Ropes and Knots review Courtesy of Jones and Bartlett learning
Ropes and Knots Refresher Courtesy of IFPA and IAFC
Ropes and Knots Quick Drill video Courtesy of NBFDVideos


1) what is used in hoisting to keep an object from getting caught or hitting the side of a structure:

2) What type of material is a water knot used on

3) What knots can be used to join ropes

4) What is formed when bending a rope back on itself so the lines are parallel

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