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    Inspect the hosebed and hydrant bag on the apparatus. Become familiar with the setup and whats available. At minimum, there should be a hydrant wrench, spanner, and 2 1/2" gate valve. There should also be an adapter on the end of the 5" hose to go from Storz to a 4" female fitting.

Skills - 2 minute maximum timeframe.

Deploy the hose to hydrant
Secure the hose to hydrant
Signal Driver
Open cap(s)
Flush the hydrant
Hook up the hose
Signal driver, await orders to charge line
Open hydrant
Straighten any sharp bends in the hose


    After the engine comes to a complete stop, pull the 5" LDH off the bed along with the connected hydrant bag. The hydrant bag contains the 2 1/2" gate valve, hydrant wrench, 5"storz to 4" female adapter, and break away strap. Pull the hose past the hydrant approx 6 feet. If you have a break away strap, loop it over the hydrant and signal the driver to proceed. The alternative is to wrap the hose around the hydrant twice, and place your foot on the end of fitting. Be careful not to be in any position to get pinched between the hydrant and the hose since the hose may get taught. Signal the driver to proceed. After 200' (2 lengths of hose) deploy, remove the 5" and 2 1/2" steamer fittings (caps) off the hydrant. Open the hydrant with a hydrant wrench a few turns till water flows. This flushes out any debris. Note: the bolt on the top of the hydrant is labelled with which direction to turn. Close the hydrant. Uncoil the hose and thread the connection on to the steamer male threads. Connect the 2 1/2" gate valve to the hydrant. Radio to the driver the hydrant is connected and awaiting orders to open the hydrant. Open the hydrant all the way, if not water will run out the bleeder hole at the base of the hydrant and after time will erode the backfill around the hydrant. Straighen out any kinks in the hose.

Show and Tell

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Video of this HoseLay Drill


1) The fitting on the ends of 5" LDH hose is:

2) What minimum number of hose lengths should be dropped before continuing hydrant operations

3) How many turns does it take to open the hydrant

4) What way can you secure the LDH to the hydrant

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