Port Ewen Volunteer Fire Department inc.

152 Calls in 2015         159 Calls in 2014         153 Calls in 2013         127 Calls in 2012        161 Calls for 2010

186 Calls for 2009         159 Total Calls for 2008

Picture of a Fire Hose

PO Box 832 (161 Broadway) Port Ewen, NY 12466
(845) 338-8422 Business (845) 338-1243 Fax
To report a FIRE or EMERGENCY   Dial 911

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Congratulatoins Joey Mains and Katelyn White our FireFighter1 Graduates"

Did you know?

  It is illegal to drive over a fire hose unless otherwise instructed by the fire officer in command. (V&T Law, 1218)
  Following within 200 feet of a fire truck which is responding to an emergency is against the law! (V&T Law, 1217)
  In yielding the right of way, the driver must immediately pull over to the right hand edge or curb of the roadway, parallel to the roadway, and clear of any intersection. (V&T Law, 1144)

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